Peck Smiley Ettlin Architects, Inc.

Peck Smiley Ettlin Architects, Inc. is an established Portland architecture firm spanning 5 decades. Our work reflects an enduring commitment to design excellence and the belief that inspiring and sustainable architecture is an essential component of each project. We design highly functional buildings and create harmonious and comfortable spaces—projects in which people truly enjoy living and working.

Peck Smiley Ettlin Architects is the right size firm to provide our clients with personalized architectural services with a great degree of involvement from our principals. Both Hans Ettlin and Stephen Smiley, principals of the firm, spend quality time working on designs, developing construction details, refining specifications, and working in the field with contractors. We place an emphasis on ensuring our clients’ needs are being met and providing quality control on each project.

We are committed to using the latest technology, sophisticated design techniques as well as the ability to express complex technical issues in an understandable format. Our architectural staff provides a team of dedicated professionals that are involved in design innovation and participate in the development of stellar modeling and graphics, thorough documents and effective construction administration.